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Current Conditions and Radar for Thursday May 26 @ 10:45am

Winds 1 mph (W)
(gusts: 9mph)
Rainfall 0.25″
Humidity 35% Visibility 2.1 mi
Pressure 30.14 in Cloud Cover 100%
Sunrise 6:12 am Sunset 8:34 pm

A Note about Current Conditions

Several of the current conditions shown (temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation) are provided by an internet-linked weather station at one of our Stonebridge homes and updated every 15 minutes. Frozen precipitation will not be measured as accurately since the neighborhood rain gauge cannot determine ice buildup and snowfall.

The picture “behind” the current weather conditions shown is the latest snapshot image taken from a southwest-facing webcam within the Stonebridge neighborhood. Currently, the webcam is only operational between Friday noon and Monday noon.


The weather forecast information above is powered by Dark Sky. Their module allows us to specify a particular location and get an “extrapolated forecast” for that location. The current conditions shown on the left side of the forecast window may not match the current conditions shown at the top of this page since those above come from our neighborhood weather station, and those in the forecast window come from Dark Sky. While the predicted weather and precipitation is accurate, the temperature predictions do not take elevation into account. Therefore, those predicted highs and lows can differ by several degrees.


We have been gathering historical weather data from our neighborhood weather station since mid-August 2015. Click here to see historical weather data.

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