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Stonebridge Rules

These rules have been adopted by the membership of the Stonebridge Property Owners Association (POA) pursuant to the powers granted to planned communities by the North Carolina Planned Community Act.

Rule #1

New construction or re-roofing of structures within Stonebridge requires the use of pre-approved wood cedar split shakes or simulated composite roofing shakes, specifically DaVinci Hand-split Shakes from DaVinci Roofscapes LLC in the Weathered Gray Blend or Mountain Blend color or PlyGem engineered cedar shakes in the Weathered Brown or Weathered Gray from PlyGem Building Products.

(Adopted by the Membership at the 2005 Annual Meeting, reconfirmed at the July 2007 Annual Meeting and revised by mail-in ballot in December 2009, and revised at the July 2018 Annual Meeting)

Rule #2

Short-term or vacation rental or leasing of homes in the Stonebridge Development is prohibited. Short-term or vacation rental or leasing is defined as any rental for a period of less than (30) days. Leases or rental of 30 days or greater are not prohibited by this Rule. Daily or weekly rentals of a home in Stonebridge that are connected with the sale and temporary leasing of that particular home, either subsequent or prior to the closing of the sale, are exempted from this Rule.

(Adopted by the Membership at the 2006 Annual Meeting and reconfirmed at the July 2008 Annual Meeting.)Homeowners who purchased their homes before February 1, 2008 are exempted from this rule.)

Rule #3

A fine of $100 will be assessed for not completing a Covenants Review and Request Form and getting POA approval prior to commencing work on any project requiring approval by the POA or builder. If a form is completed and approved within 30 days of the member receiving a written reminder and the work performed meets approval of the Covenants Review Committee, the fine may be waived.

(Adopted by the Membership at the 2009 Annual Meeting)

Rule #4

Previously, the billing of Annual Dues to the property owners was an amount for a lot which was the same for all lots, plus an amount for the home which varied depending on where the underlying lot was located on the mountain. The dues for homes were lower for the Village area, higher for the Falls Creek area and highest for the Mountain area. Beginning with Annual Dues billings starting July 1, 2015, any change in ownership by property sale occurring after June 30, 2014 would cause that property to be billed at the highest billing rate regardless of such property’s location on the mountain.

(Adopted by the Membership at the 2014 Annual Meeting)

Rule #5

Exterior lighting must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Exterior lights, such as those installed by Blue Ridge Energy, must be high pressure sodium (HPS), 2100 Kelvin or below with a shoebox type fixture, be attached to the cabin or garage, and be no higher than the highest point of the structure to which it is attached.
  • Exterior lighting must be turned off between 11:00 PM and 6 AM.

Flood lights that are attached to the cabin or garage, outpost lighting along walkways, and low voltage landscape lights are acceptable and are not subject to these criteria.

(Adopted by the membership by email ballot in July, 2018, by a 2/3 majority of property owners)

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